Cameron Sparkhall

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NFL’s Kaepernick sparks anthem boycott controversy

It was during the national anthem of the pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers that Colin Kaepernick sat down. He did this again several days later. When he did it a third time, it caused a national frenzy. Kaepernick explained his reasoning, stating that he was not going to “show pride in a flag for…


The mystery of drones over Paris

At least five unmanned aircraft were spotted flying over Paris in the early hours on 24th February. The following evening more reports had come in claiming that the drones had returned. They had been seen flying over delicate landmarks within Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Tour Montparnasse skyscraper and various nuclear sites. Even…


Syriza: the left strikes back

As expected, a non-centre party -– indeed a party that is for all intents and purposes a socialist one – won the recent election in Greece, defeating the incumbent New Democracy Party (equivalent to the Conservatives in the UK). Although Syriza itself is an alliance of varying leftist groups, and even a right-wing group forms…