Charlie Dwyer


Mother Teresa canonisation: playing devil’s advocate

In the waning years of the twentieth century, the Catholic Church was in the midst of a crisis that one could describe as existential. Even leaving aside its association with some of the vilest dictatorships that this century produced, or their then-unrecanted denunciations of human-kind’s greatest scientific accomplishments, or the scandalous way in which excuses…


The UK is better off in the EU

If there’s an factor that’s sure to throw even the most convinced advocate of EU membership, its the Union’s intimate involvement in pushing for the introduction of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Why would any self-respecting anti-corporatist wish their nation to be connected with such a terrifying leap towards a neoliberal global economy? Well,…


Is the government’s drive to increase the number of academies coming at the detriment of students’ education?

Ever since Tony Blair’s government established the first string of academies with the Learning and Skills Act of 2000, and particularly since the Conservative party’s return to government in the 2010 election, the shift towards academisation of England’s schools has proceeded at a startling rate. Almost two thirds of the country’s secondary schools now either…

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