Charlie Nicholson

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London Film Festival Review: Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite

I never thought I’d say it, but this is the closest that Director Yorgos Lanthimos is ever likely to come to a fluffy rom-com. Dropping contemporary dystopia for 18th Century largesse, The Favourite is a sumptuous, star-studded lark that marks not only Lanthimos’ safest film but will very likely live on as a gateway drug…


Halloween: 40 years on

Days on from David Gordon Green’s long-awaited sequel to Carpenter’s 1978 classic, I’m still very conflicted about Halloween. On the one hand, it switches so erratically between adrenal murder sequences, waggish teen comedy and psychological fluff, that it’s virtually impossible for the film to build a sense of tension, which leaves it disappointingly lacking in…


London Film Festival Review: Lee Chang-Dong’s Burning

Some films resist an in-depth review. With Burning, the sentiment is two-fold, for not only is Lee Chang-Dong’s newest feature so crucially dependent upon being viewed with as little prior knowledge as possible, but is charged with the sort of visual mastery that pertains solely to cinema. Still, if there’s one film released this year…


Venom: 2018’s Best Comedy?

I’ll say this. It had an effective trailer.   In this situation, ‘effective’, does not mean ‘good’ – the sight of an ten-foot slimeboy terrorising a generic criminal by likening him to a ‘turd in the wind’ recalls the cringe-inducing script of a 1990’s kids cartoon – but it does seem to sum up perfectly…


Venue reviews: TAG

For all the superficiality promised by its premise, TAG delivers just the sort of overblown idiocy you might ask of a summer blockbuster. Like The Hangover and other films in the ‘boys gone rogue’ genre, Jeff Tomsic’s action-comedy is an exercise in schoolboy camaraderie and immaturity, which would’ve been charming if it hadn’t been weighed…

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