Charlie Nicholson


Venue reviews: Ocean’s 8

The Ego has landed. In places, Ocean’s 8 meshes more with the likes of Dior and I and Yves Saint Laurent than with Soderbergh’s rebooted heist trilogy. Under the direction of The Hunger Games’ Gary Ross, Eigil Bryld’s camera glides seductively across spangling dress reveals and clinking champagne glasses with an opulence to rival Panem’s Capitol. But the choreographed con job…


Venue Reviews, Solo: A Star Wars Story

After turning up to resume the turbulent production of Solo: A Star Wars Story, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ron Howard quaked a little. After The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street creators (Phil Lord and Christopher Miller) were removed over creative differences, Howard was introduced and reportedly reshot about 70 percent of the film’s…


Indie-penchant: The Mammoth

Even looking at its thumbnail in Google Play Store, there’s a connection to be made between The Mammoth: A Cave Painting and that lovely scene in Ice Age. The entire game takes place on the wall of a cave, as you control a female Mammoth, in search of her lost calf. Settings are somewhat bare,…


Nor-Con: Get Your Con On!

“What would you do if you could do anything in a Star Wars movie?” “I’d stop Jabba the Hutt.” That came from Jeremy Bulloch, the revered human beneath the helm of Boba Fett. Resonating across a comfortably-modest stage with a humorously matter-of-fact tone, Mr. Bulloch’s was one of the many snippets of good-humoured nerdery that…


Rogue One VR preview: Rogue fun

The opening to Rogue One: VR felt weirdly like waking up from a dream. As I stood, controller in hand with my travel backpack thoroughly half-nelsoning me, the demo gradually faded in to see me suspended above a wispy asteroid belt, rocking not the PS virtual reality headset I’d had difficulty accommodating to my melon…


Looking back at Super Mario Land

The void is a beautiful thing. The more I engage in the humdrum regularities of life’s to-ing, fro-ing and woeing as I tarry inexorably into the complex realms of adulthood, the stronger the allure of a few moments of vacuous bliss transpires to become. It’s not a bad thing; I’m still a complicated person. I’m…

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