Charlotte Manning


Highstreets in decline

High street retailers and businesses all across the UK have been closing down in the past few months. With retailers such as Toys R Us and Maplin announcing on the same day that they had fallen into administration, and a host of other high street favourites such as Prezzo, New Look and Marks and Spencer…


Beauty banks

It’s easy to take for granted everyday essentials. Toothpaste, shower gel, soap and tampons are all items that we stock up immediately once we’ve run out, or make sure to always have a spare. But what happens when the idea of a blissful warm shower becomes a luxury and you have to choose between being…


The new ‘role models’?

A new year, and with it a new bout of controversy from a famous YouTuber. This time from Logan Paul, who decided to share with his army of devoted subscribers a graphic video in which he finds the corpse of a man who committed suicide in Aokigahara forest (a sacred Japanese site at the base…


Fashion gifts for under fifteen

If you’re trying not to look at the date because you’re scared of deadlines fast approaching (like me), then you may not have realised we’ve less than a month until Christmas! To save you time, and hopefully a bit of money, I have comprised a student-friendly gift guide (all under £15), with my top picks…


Rock n’ rip off

You love music, right? You’re reading the music section of the paper, so chances are you love going to music events as well. What you probably don’t love, however, is seeing tickets for your favourite bands and live music acts sell out in a matter of minutes, especially when you see them up on sites…

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