Charlotte Manning


Zara’s financial faux pas

Despite a year of record sales for Spanish fashion giant Zara, in which they saw sales break the £600 million mark for the first time ever, they reported a steep loss in profit following a move in head office location and mass reinvestment back into stores. Pre-tax profits reportedly dropped from £58.3m to £39.2m in…


Shop Savvy

Clothes shops tend to pick on students at their most vulnerable, just after they’ve received their student loan. Offering us some fantastic deals and discounts, which are very tempting indeed! While this is great, we often find ourselves almost buying a brand new wardrobe full of clothes, when really we didn’t want or need anywhere…


The LCR: From A-List to Coldplay

What is UEA’s finest asset? Perhaps it is the wonderful and versatile Sainsbury Centre (Avengers, anyone?) Or maybe it is the vast greenery and hundreds of adorable rabbits that inhabit the campus. Both good guesses, but you would be wrong. It is, of course, the LCR: UEA’s very own music venue. Home of Damn Good…


Size Matters

Clothes shopping. An experience that I want to love. Trying on new clothes that have a potential to make me look and feel great can be so much fun. Unfortunately, it can often end up being  disheartening due to one thing; clothes sizing. Speak to any girl about it, and they will tell you just…


How to beat winter

Treat your lips… If your lips are feeling dry in the cold winter months, invest in a lip scrub such as Popcorn from Lush (£5.95) or if you’re feeling like getting crafty in the New Year then make your own! Granulated sugar, oil/honey and some flavouring such as peppermint oil works well and tastes good…

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