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Hot Chip at The LCR – 24/10/19

It may be cold outside, but in the Nick Raynes LCR Hot Chip were serving up a warm sound bath of summery dance music vibes. When the vibrations flowed up from beneath the floorboards through my feet, I could not help but smile (and, of course, dance like a maniac), as I was transported by…


America through the eyes of a booklover

Marta Bausells of The Guardian stated in her article that four of the Top 10 Independent Bookshops in the world were in America (as of 2015). Starting out in San Francisco, California, I intended to travel across North America, visiting these highly rated bookshops in Oregon, Minnesota and New York. I began my journey in…


Of boats and books

I recently set out to visit ten of the best independent bookshops in the world, as recommended to me by Guardian readers, in an article by Marta Bausells. Two on the list struck me as being rather odd, for they were on the water…why would anyone dare to sell books on the water?! As I…


From satire to ceramics at the Sainsbury Centre

Since time immemorial, the world has been overwhelmed by politics, and the perceived inability of the masses to effectively change anything. Voting, of course, is the ultimate weapon in our collective arsenal, but democracy is a flawed system that cannot solve every issue we have with government. So we look for other means of feeling…


For the love of books: a travel guide

This all started with Twitter and an article in The Guardian from 2015: Marta Bausells’s The 10 Best Independent Bookshops In The World – Readers Recommend. Finding this list was like answering a call from Destiny – I spent the next few weeks saying “I’m going to go on an around the world bookshop tour based…

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