Chloe Howcroft


NR2: it’s in the name

On the outskirts of the Golden Triangle, where Trory Street meets Kimberley Street, there once stood the Kimberley Arms, a pub greatly frequented by locals in the late 80s and 90s.   “You entered at your own risk”   With a notorious reputation for having a rougher social environment, one such local and UEA lecturer…


The third sector: once bitten, twice shy?

Six months in, and 2018 is proving to not be one of the best of years for international aid organisations. If we cast our minds back towards the start of the year, we find that mistrust, doubt and complete and utter exploitation of vulnerable individuals were part of a wider vocabulary used to describe the so-called ‘Oxfam scandal’. This was revealed in an…


Period Poverty: a global issue on a local level

Tucked away in the doorway of a shop entrance in Norwich city centre lay Sally and her partner, Paul*. With very little to their name except a sleeping bag and cardboard box for bedding, they had considered the street to be their home for the past 11 months (at the time of writing). Prior to…


Obesity: a big problem

Cancer Research UK faced some difficulty over their campaign adverts, which described obesity as a major cause of cancer after smoking. A great many were upset by the campaign, believing that it had set out to ‘fat-shame’ individuals by suggesting that obesity is easily preventable. Controversy also arose among medical experts and nutritionists who hold…

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