Chloe Howcroft


Reclaim the Night returns

The national annual march against sexual violence and gender equality, Reclaim the Night, hit the streets of Norwich for its third time on Thursday 8 March. The march took place on the same date as International Women’s Day. Taking place in the intimate confines of The Dog House Bar in the city centre, the event…


Will Norwich lose its flavour?

For generations passed, Colman’s table sauces have been at the heart of family meals. Mustard, mint sauce, seasonings, you name it – Colman’s has been on top of their game, experimenting to the pleasure of our taste buds for over 200 years. But after recent decisions were made to move the factory out of its…


Cancer survivor fundraising for Ugandan children

Second year International Relations and Politics student Scott Arthur, who recently survived his battle with cancer, is due to volunteer in Uganda this summer, where he will help to build play facilities for children in disadvantaged communities. Scott completed his treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a rare form of cancer developing in the white blood cells…


Are workers’ rights out of fashion?

We all love a bargain when we’re shopping in our favourite high street stores: it’s good for our wardrobes, it’s even better for our wallets, and it takes even less time with the increasing rise of online shopping. But at whose expense?  When we’re buying a dirt-cheap top from Primark, or a ‘reasonably’ priced pair of jeans from GAP, do we even stop to think twice about who makes our clothes and the repercussions of…


A night on the streets of Norwich

When I made the decision some few weeks ago to sleep outside, in a car park, for an entire night, with nothing more than a sleeping bag and one layer of thin cardboard to separate me from the cruel, concrete ground, most friends and family members thought I was crazy. “Chloe’s going to be homeless…

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