Chris Matthews

Creative Writing


I looked at you as if to say I’d let you crawl inside my head to perch upon my memories. From your pupils to the mountains – I had to look away, bemused. The kittens from their mother’s mouth were hanging helpless by their necks. Dangling free and peering ‘round and I, desiring all those…


“Brexit bullies” paradox

Commons Speaker, John Bercow risked becoming Britain’s latest ‘saboteur’, last week. At least, that’s what the Brexit cheerleaders would have you believe. The Chancellor Philip Hammond was labelled as such for daring to highlight the challenges of Brexit, and Bercow caused outcry when he suggested that MPs could vote against any Brexit deal. He said…

Creative Writing

The Meta Image

The jingle written beneath the carpenter’s sign. There’s one image you remember from each job you’ve had. An absent minded, gazing away image. Ivy clasping the drainpipe on the side of the Co-op. My first job was coffee. My meta image was a clock. All the baristas’ image was probably that clock. Simple and grey,…

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