Chris Donaldson


The Pressures Of Academia

Humans routinely take themselves to the edge. We indulge in drink, drugs, extreme sports, frequently in copious quantities, but more often than not it’s work that stresses us out. Students are no exception. Anyone who visits the library observes the constant ebb and flow of stressed students. In the winter and summer months the library…


The dangers of pre-judicial tendencies in the media

When Emily Thornberry collapsed into bed the other week she had just resigned from her post as Shadow Attorney General. She hadn’t expected to when she started the day but by 3.15pm her opposition career had come to a shuddering end. From tweet to resignation, took a little over seven hours. Little did she know…


Are lazy youth to blame for poor employment prospects?

Hearing about youth employment pros- pects rarely brings much joy to the stu- dent population; the ‘sunny’ economic climate seems to be having a hard time break- ing through the cloud cover hovering over our age group. A recent outburst on youth un- employment by the Chief Schools inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, blamed the poor…