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Concrete jungle: Jungle at the LCR

Synth-funk outfit Jungle bring a distinct sound to their genre representing a unique variety of groove in modern music. The band came to the LCR accompanied by upcoming synth-pop artist Georgia. Georgia, originating from North London, has been developing her sound since 2015 but has only really gained momentum in recent years, following 2018’s Starting…


Black Honey

Brighton-based four-piece indie rockers Black Honey graced the Norwich Arts Centre, supported by the contemporaries PINS and Russo, as part of their expansive UK autumn tour. For a band that has not visited Norwich often, as lead singer Izzy B. Phillips remarked in her set, the venue was impressively packed. The vibe floating through the…


Meaningful contributors

There is nothing better than a great combo; turkey and stuffing, strawberries and cream, the Tesco hoisin duck wrap with Thai sweet chilli crisps and a blueberry Innocent smoothie meal deal (prove me wrong). Artists featuring on each others’ works brings out a unique element in their personalities and musicality that has led to their…


Live review: Glass Animals @ the LCR

Glass Animals; an indietronica four piece perhaps best and most deftly described as the result of a hypothetical indie love affair between Alt-J and MGMT. Their music, ranging from the covertly rhythmic to the overtly lively, presents a refreshing alternative to the wave of The 1975 clones that seem to have been pouring into the…


Live Review: Hannah Peel @ Norwich Arts Centre

Electronic indie-folk singer-songwriter, and member of The Magnetic North, Hannah Peel graced the Norwich Arts Centre this March for an enigmatic, thundering and truly touching performance. Peel, almost seven months on from her latest LP ‘Awake But Always Dreaming’, came on to the stage set for a performance that would resonate with the space and with…


Political Commentaries

Aren’t some of the most common criticisms in modern pop music that ‘they have no purpose’, ‘all they do is idolise a lifestyle that doesn’t exist’ or ‘it is just a genre of sell outs’? As much as we all shamelessly love a bit of Mr Worldwide (Pitbull), sometimes we want something a little deeper…


Live Review: Honeyblood @ Norwich Arts Centre

Glaswegian indie-pop duo Honeyblood formed back in 2012 and watched the rise (and arguable fall) of other subscribers to the duo formula; ranging from the heavier Royal Blood to the originals Death From Above 1979. Coming off the wave of hype generated by their latest album, Babes Never Die, the question for their performance at…


Live Review: Rag’n’Bone Man @ Waterfront Studio

At the Waterfront Studio in Norwich there was very much a ‘day of the dead’ vibe going on, with neon skulls illuminating a crowd of around 100. Those who showed up to see the rock/soul singer were in for a performance that can simply be described as a narrative; reflective of the origins of this London-based singer and…

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June 2022
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