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Aren’t some of the most common criticisms in modern pop music that ‘they have no purpose’, ‘all they do is idolise a lifestyle that doesn’t exist’ or ‘it is just a genre of sell outs’? As much as we all shamelessly love a bit of Mr Worldwide (Pitbull), sometimes we want something a little deeper…


Live Review: Honeyblood @ Norwich Arts Centre

Glaswegian indie-pop duo Honeyblood formed back in 2012 and watched the rise (and arguable fall) of other subscribers to the duo formula; ranging from the heavier Royal Blood to the originals Death From Above 1979. Coming off the wave of hype generated by their latest album, Babes Never Die, the question for their performance at…


Live Review: Rag’n’Bone Man @ Waterfront Studio

At the Waterfront Studio in Norwich there was very much a ‘day of the dead’ vibe going on, with neon skulls illuminating a crowd of around 100. Those who showed up to see the rock/soul singer were in for a performance that can simply be described as a narrative; reflective of the origins of this London-based singer and…


New album reviews – 22/11/16

Chris Grosset Babes Never Die – Honeyblood From Glasgow duo Honeyblood comes a beautiful and unashamedly frenetic second album that sounds much like it should be blared at top volume from the set of a small-budget indie flick. Highlights from the album are the rhythmically energetic ‘Sea Hearts’ and the building ‘Love Is A Disease’. A…

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Live Review: Gorgon City @ The LCR

Gorgon City taking over the LCR on Saturday 15th October was a gig to remember; from the eclectic and never-ending energy of vocalist Lulu Jones, to their cover of up-tempo track ‘One Dance’ (Drake), as originally performed as a cover on BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge. Forming in London back in 2012, original members Kye…

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Live Review: Loyle Carner @ Norwich Arts Centre

To start the night off, up-and-coming rapper Cabrakid begun at the Norwich Arts Centre with a blistering energy delivering verses as he hunched over the mic, putting power behind every word. A highlight can be found in his song ‘U’, which delivers some of Cabrkid’s most meaningful lyrics. Next up, Othasoul; a duo that turned…

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