Connor Jordan

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Flop Busters

2015 has proven to be a very fruitful year for films – four of the top ten most successful films of all time were released, and with Star Wars coming out soon in December it is likely we haven’t seen the last of what this year has to offer. However, for every major hit, we…

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Review – Pan

Think you know the story of Peter Pan? Then you could probably make a better movie than Warner Brothers’ Pan. Pan had a lot of promise to be a great movie, and potentially a great franchise. It’s based on a classic story of magic, adventure, and childhood that is relevant to both children and adults….

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Rambert: Three Dancers – Review

Rambert is one of the oldest dance companies in Britain and this year’s autumn tour shows just what such an experienced group can do. Consisting of three dances each carrying their own themes and emotions through amazing contemporary choreography by Alexander Whitely, Didy Veldman and Shobana Jeyasign, this proved to be a gem of contemporary…