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Students protest against government decsion to scrap maintenance grants

Students marched through London on 4th November to protest against the government’s decision to scrap maintenance grants from 2016. The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, who organised the campaign, estimated that more than 10,000 students attended the protest, while “#GrantsNotDebt” trended on Twitter during the day. The campaign organisers said that students from around…


Fossil Free UEA protestors occupy campus

With additional reporting by Jessica Frank-Keyes, and comment by Daniel Jeakins. On November 5th campaigning UEA students occupied the area outside the Vice Chancellor’s office in protest that the University of East Anglia currently holds over £130,000 worth of shares in fossil fuel companies, including Shell and Rio Tinto, despite its status as a world…

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Review – Spectre

How can you modernise something as deeply rooted in tradition as the James Bond franchise? Spectre represents Sam Mendes’ final attempt at answering this question. He, like Daniel Craig, has made it clear in recent weeks that they will play no further part in the series – and so there’s a sort of ‘end-of-an era’…

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Venue’s musical guide to the general election

One criticism that has been levelled at pop music this decade is that it really doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore, and it rings particularly true at present. One of the most hotly contested general elections ever may be going on right now, but stick on the radio and you’ll find the latest generation of…

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