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Oxjam Norwich Takeover This Saturday

Oxjam is a month-long festival that’s all about celebrating local music and raising money to fight global poverty. This Saturday, it’s taking over some of the best venues in Norwich. The festival will feature live music from local artists all day – and students can get in for just a few quid. The Oxjam Norwich…


Post-Date Post-Mortem: Daisy Jones Makes a Friend

You might have seen it going round the internet – “the 36 questions that can make you fall in love with anyone”. Yes, apparently there’s a simple way to finding true love: interviewing a stranger. Apparently answering these questions force you to be vulnerable and intimate, which is just what a romantic relationship needs. The…


Competition: Words and Women

Are you a woman? Do you write prose? Do you not write prose but think you can have a stab at it for the chance to win £600? Then quick, it’s not too late to enter Words and Women’s 2014 competition! You can write anything so long as it’s prose – so that’s fiction, creative…


Exploring Jack the Ripper’s London

The infamous Whitechapel murders of 1888 made Jack the Ripper one of the most notorious and illusive serial killers of all time. There ares books, there are films, and if you venture into London, there are walks and tours and live experiences. But what about the real thing? With the recent claims to the Ripper’s…

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Signed Wheatus posters!

Tweet us your photos from Damn Good presents the Skool Disko and win a signed Wheatus poster! Did you have a great time at the Skool Disko? Did you sing Teenage Dirtbag at the top of your lungs? Were you one of the lucky few at the front who lead singer Brendan baptised with alcohol?…

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