Dan Box


Is it time to get rid of student unions?

I’ve been at UEA for four years now and I’ve had a complicated relationship with the Student Union (SU) to say the least. I went from being utterly disillusioned and disengaged to being a Union Councillor last year and the Deputy Chair of Union Council this year. But I’ve often wondered whether there’s any point…

Creative Writing

A Wakeful Dark beneath the Eyes

Words cannot describe how sorry I am. I know exactly how you came across this, which books you’ve frantically read, what you desperately scoured the internet for in the dead of night. All in order to find out why your classmate, your friend, your lover, has changed. I know it is starting to tunnel through…


Rubbishing the revamp

Yes, I’m afraid this is an article bashing millennial culture, and this time it’s coming from one of your own instead of a middle-aged white man who thinks Instagram is worse than purgatory. I’m a traitor. Despite my reluctance to side with people belittling our generation’s digital presence, social culture and political activism, or the…