Dan Clark

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Iconic voices in music

A voice in music is not always vocal. For centuries, musicians with intimate understandings of their instruments have used it to express emotion like you would a voice. As many jazz musicians have said, what they play, is their voice.  While John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, or Mary Lou Williams demonstrate technical ability and a distinguishable…


Music Mavericks: Tyler, the Creator

When discussing personality in pop music, it’s impossible to disregard Tyler, the Creator. The loud-mouthed ‘rapper’ is a symbol of self-confidence, progressive Hip-Hop, and acting like a nutter on stage. His progression from controversial misfit to genre-bending maverick is one of the most interesting career arcs in modern music. The self-titled ‘Flower Boy’ conveyed himself…


Sigma Preview

Sigma’s Cam Edwards and Joe Lenzie first met at the University of Leeds, a product of the University’s Drum and Bass Nights, the duo set to bring their music back to University culture at the Nick Rayn’s LCR on the 12th of March. Since their chart-topping breakthrough in 2014, Sigma have been one of the…