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Dan Falvey

Dan Falvey is an undergraduate politics student about to start his second year at UEA. Being an avid tea drinker means that he has the most essential skill needed to be a successful journalist. Outside of his interests in writing and politics, Dan. is also a regular theatre-goer, film geek and most importantly, a supporter of the mighty MK Dons.

Mental healthcare provision is an important issue

This weekend we had the pleasure of representing Concrete at the Student Publication Association National Conference, sharing all of your hard work with over...

Save Our Union – from its own financial blunders

The Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) is experiencing financial difficulty after it underestimated costs in its July 2015-16 budget by £160,000, a Concrete investigation...

UEA plans year-on-year rise in profit from halls rent

The university is set to increase rent for on-campus accommodation by an above-inflation 3.4% each year in a bid to increase the profit it...

2016 may prove to be a bleak year for the EU

2016 is likely to be a defining year in the history of the European Union. Nearly just one month in to the year and...

Free speech at UEA is at risk

Last week proved to be a very important week in relation to freedom of speech and censorship. First there was the revelation that universities...

UEA to give scholarships to Syrian refugees

UEA has announced that it is planning to provide a small number of scholarships for Syrian refugees. The announcement comes shortly after a petition...