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Union snookers Pool society

The UEA Pool and Snooker club is facing an existential crisis after vital facilities promised by the Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) never materialised, following the summer redevelopment of Union House. In an email exchange seen by Concrete, the union has admitted responsibility for the lack of facilities, claiming that that there was a “miscommunication…

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Our Derby Day heroes are in trouble

The news that the Pool and Snooker society are suffering from a lack of facilities is frustrating. They are one of UEA’s oldest sports clubs and have seen significant growth in terms of members in recent years. Add in the fact that they were 2014’s Derby Day heroes and that their current president, Nikolas Charalambous,…

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FOI reveals disproportionate funding of schools at UEA

An investigation by Concrete has uncovered a disparity in funding in comparison to quality of research and rankings on university league tables, particularly between individual schools of study within faculties. The Union of UEA Students’ (UUEAS) Undergraduate Education Officer has responded by to the figures claiming that questions must be asked about the current model…


Brexit would be a blow for research claim academics

Leading academics from across the UK have announced their support of Britain continuing its membership of the EU, just weeks after the NUS underlined its support. Speaking to The Guardian this week, Vice-Chancellors, UK academics, and research scientists have described the possibility of leaving the EU as potentially damaging to the ability of UK universities…

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Apology from the men’s hockey teams

[su_spoiler title=”Hockey team disciplined after bus antics” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Comment”]An investigation by the Union of UEA Students’s has concluded the UEA men’s hockey team broke the union’s code of conduct. Concrete reported on 20th October that the club were under investigation following the emergence of video footage which appeared to show members of the hockey…


“The scrapping of maintenance grants is yet one more attack on students” – interview with Caroline Lucas

Over the next five years, students may be an “easy target” for government cuts, Caroline Lucas has claimed. Painting a damning picture in an interview with Concrete, the Green MP indicated that students bear the brunt of government policies and warned that the possibility of the UK leaving the EU could hit students hard. Lucas…

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Sexual harassment needs to be addressed

The NUS’s announcement that 20% of students experience sexual harassment in their first week at university is truly shocking. University is meant to provide students with the opportunity to learn to be independent, while at the same time feeling that they are living in a safe environment where they can study without the fear of…

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Union council meeting labelled “shambolic” by councillors

Union Council, the democratic decision-making body of the Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) has faced widespread criticism from councillors present at the its first meeting of the year. Last Thursday’s meeting was criticised by councillors who claimed to be “shocked” by council’s conduct, angry at the showcasing of “personality politics” and annoyed that the meeting…

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