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UEA is leading a technology revolution

The fact that UEA has announced it may use livestreams for lectures in the future is a very exciting prospect. Soon people from all around the world will be able to learn from experts at UEA without actually having to be on the Norwich campus. Our front page exclusive highlights that UEA is currently at…


UEA’s £4.35m halls rent profit

[su_heading]The university has made millions on accommodation since 2013 FOI request reveals.[/su_heading] UEA has been making millions in profit from halls of residence a freedom of information request from this publication has revealed.  The Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) has responded by calling for the university to include students when making decisions on the prices…


Maintenance grants scrapped in summer budget

In today’s Budget it was announced that maintenance grants, aimed at the poorest in society to provide financial assistance while studying at university, are to be scrapped by the government and that the £9,000 cap on tuition fees is set to rise. At 12:30 today the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, stood up in…


Tunisia: A country striving for normality

In January 2011 Tunisia witnessed the birth of the Arab Spring. After 22 years of tyranny under the rule of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali the people of this country in the North of Africa took to the streets to start a revolution against their leader in the hope of liberal democracy. Unlike just about…

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Interview: Douglas Carswell

When we were shown into the meeting room for the interview with Douglas Carswell it was clear that he wasn’t fazed or nervous, and was every inch the professional MP. His recent move to Ukip had obviously been a major landmark in his career, and one which was particually controversial. Concrete was eager to interview…


Interview: Leslie Grahame

The Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Norwich South is Lesley Grahame. Sitting in Marzano café inside The Forum, literally 100 metres away from where she launched her campaign back in January we discuss her campaign so far as I try to get to know a bit more about the softly spoken candidate that the Green…

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