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Top five gaming soundtracks

Sure, plot is vital, characterisation brings a game alive, and mechanics make an enjoyable player experience, but I think we can all agree that the soundtrack is what really makes a video game memorable.  From the nostalgic electronic bleeping of Crash Bandicoot to the delightful 50s radio stations of the Fallout series, I’m going to…


Get yourself to UEA’s book fair

The 2nd of March will mark a momentous day, with the launch of UEA’s first Book Fair.  It takes place in the LCR, from 10am until 4pm. Celebrating World Book Day, the Book Fair aims to promote the magic of all things literary, as well as to support our local Oxfam Books and Music, who…


Trump Presidency: Is the planet doomed?

Darkness has descended upon the United States, but President-Elect Donald Trump has pledged to keep the oil lamps burning. Trump is about to embark on a crusade to destroy the environment, alongside the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. This is the latest revelation in the series of truly surreal events which have transpired…


Stars and Swipes

With the US Presidential Election right around the corner, all the stops have been pulled out to encourage millennials to get involved with voting.  Between the 26th October and 1st November, Tinder teamed up with Rock the Vote, a non-profit organisation whose goal is to increase the amount of young people getting involved with the…

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The House of Leaves

‘This is not for you.’  So begins one of the most unnerving novels ever written; House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. So, even if you don’t take anything else on board from this jaunt into the dark, I’d strongly recommend you listen to this: unless you are made of sturdy stuff, this probably isn’t…


Earth bids Rosetta a final farewell

Twelve years ago, the European Space Agency launched one of its most monumental missions to date: Rosetta.  Alongside her lander Philae, Rosetta was deployed with the goal of unpicking the night-shrouded mysteries surrounding comet topography, structure and behaviour. However, on the 30th September, the comet came to a spectacular finish as it crash landed on…


Share your love of lit

At UEA there are many opportunities to share your love of the arts, whether you’re into photography, painting, or poetry. Of course, literature has a special place in our hearts. I think that I speak for all of us when I say that, at one time or another, we developed an obsession with books.  Whether…

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