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Earth Day

On Sunday 22 April, tens of thousands of runners took part in the London Marathon. Entrants faced scorching temperatures and an unforgiving sun, attempting to claim the pride and satisfaction of completing the notorious course. Earth Day is an annual event, raising awareness and action for environmental issues across the globe. With over a billion…


An unusually magical theme park

Ask anyone on campus and the chances are that at some point in their life they’ve visited Disneyland. The appeal is obvious. Most of us were raised on Disney films, and the chance to see our favourite characters brought to life is fascinating. However in both my previous visits I was left disappointed. Hordes of…


US: Trump under renewed pressure

From Christmas wishes to ground- breaking books, speculation over the President’s capacity to serve increased significantly in recent weeks. The festive period began with major tax reforms. In the biggest overhaul for thirty years, Senate approved plans to cut corporate tax to 21 percent. Trump described the changes as a “big, beautiful Christmas present” for…


Era of Mugabe over at last

Over the past fortnight the world has witnessed an event that many thought they would never see. Almost forty years into his premiership, Robert Mugabe was forced to resign as Zimbabwean President. He has ruled the country with an iron grip since they first gained independence from Britain. A former teacher, Mugabe made his name…


Treating religious sites with respect

Paris has Notre-Dame, Barcelona has Sagrada Família, and London has St Paul’s Cathedral. Religious sites make up a huge portion of Europe’s top landmarks, but problems are arising on an increasingly secular continent. Reports suggest that many tourists do not treat hold sites with the reverence they require. However this is a problem that stretches…


Are famous cities worth visiting?

Pick up any travel guide and you will see certain destinations repeated time after time. Paris, Barcelona, New York – these major cities hold almost untouchable positions as must-see travel spots. It is time to stop and think whether these metropolises genuinely deserve the status they hold. Are you really visiting Paris to see Paris,…


Give prisoners the vote

This month I spent some time studying the Victorian prison system as part of my history degree. Nineteenth century reformers made sweeping innovations in an attempt to encourage prisoner rehabilitation, but in reality their changes drove many inmates to insanity and did little to steer them back on a path to righteousness. British prisons have…


Austria: dust settles on heated election

On 15 October, Austria voted in one of the most heated elections for many years. It now seems likely that Sebastian Kurz will become the country’s new Chancellor, a result that will have implications throughout the continent. Aged only 31, Kurz is set to become Europe’s youngest premier. Suave and charismatic, he has rebranded the…

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May 2022
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