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Denise Koblenz

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Venue’s festive TV highlights

Sherlock  After a less than satisfying Christmas special which saw Sherlock return to his Victorian roots (the big ‘twist’ being that it was a mind...

Cold Feet – Oldie but goldie

The 90s dreamed Cold Feet is back on our screens and unlike most revivals (e.g. BBC's Sitcom Season Failure) its return is celebrating a...
TV illustrated by Niamh Jones

Some shows are better left dead

The BBC is celebrating glorious comedy moments of the last 60 years with its Sitcom Season. These last few weeks we have seen sitcom...

Orange is the New Black is back

The fourth season of Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black will be released on 17th June, and with coursework and exams well out...

TV so bad it’s good

Do you want to escape the stressful world of deadlines, money problems, and the constant fear of failing? If so, then I have the...

Knitting: you don’t have to be an old lady!

Knitting: boring, old-fashioned, lonely. Those and many other connotations are often associated with this craft. In reality knitting is anything but. Knitting is not...