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Meet Albert Azis-Clauson, the CEO trying to revolutionise freelance education

Albert Azis-Clauson is the CEO of UnderPinned, the company which allows freelancers to turn their passion into business by finding work, managing their jobs, and ensuring they get paid. As I join him for a Zoom interview, I’m surprised at his quirky office background including only part of his impressive record collection, multicoloured artwork on…

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“The government shows no signs of stopping, so neither will we”: ‘Kill the Bill’ protests continue in Norwich

Protestors gathered outside Norwich City Hall at 1pm today to rally against the Police, Crime Sentencing, and Courts Bill (PCSC Bill) in an effort to protect their right to protest. As the Bill has passed through the Commons and is now at the report stage in the House of Lords, the protestors are hoping to…


“Iraq had been decimated… I really felt for the people”: an interview with former United Nations Weapons Inspector Mike Barley

Zoom seems an unlikely place to be conducting an interview with a former United Nations Weapons Inspector, and further still to be discussing his tours in Iraq in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yet here we are. Former United Nations (UN) Weapons Inspector Mike Barley was seconded to Iraq three times in 1996-7 at…

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How time flies

I am writing this editorial shortly after taking off from Prague Airport following a visit to meet my partner’s new baby brother. Much to our delight, Filip arrived with us in February this year but, much to our horror, we have been unable to visit him for a full nine months due to Covid restrictions…

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Report for the Future: a collaborative effort from UEA’s Project Change and Concrete

Over the last few months, Concrete has been working with the University of East Anglia’s Project Change to create Report for the Future, a climate journalism programme aiming to elevate young people’s voices during COP26. Project Change is a new youth climate change programme of workshops, resources, and competitions from UEA. Alongside Report for the…

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University to reintroduce discounted taxi scheme after student staff outrage

In a statement collected by Concrete, the University have announced their intentions to reintroduce the discounted taxi scheme for student staff members working late nights at their venues. A university spokesperson said: “The university is currently reviewing policies and is planning to reintroduce a UEA version of this discounted taxi scheme. Unfortunately, there is a…

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UEA one of 39 UK universities who refused to divulge details of sexual harassment complaints

Out of 164 UK universities, UEA was one of 39 which refused to divulge any information relating to their sexual harassment complaints. Journalists from Al Jazeera Media Network sent identical Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to all 164 universities and higher education institutes in the UK, asking for information relating to reports of sexual misconduct,…

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