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Offshoring is utterly inhumane

‘Offshoring’ – not a term I am fond of. To be found with ‘offloading’, ‘offcasting’, ‘offending’.  ‘Offshoring’. In terms of business, defined as relocating processes or services overseas and taking advantage of lower costs to improve competitiveness. ‘Offshoring’: an idea being considered by the UK government in an inhumane attempt to fix the asylum system….


Anticipated Autumn Arrivals

His Dark Materials: Season 2 I don’t watch a lot of television. I have certain shows I adore and very few I actively keep up with and religiously watch, so anticipating a premiere is almost unheard of for me. The unbearable wait until November for the second season of ‘His Dark Materials’ therefore shows perfectly…


How I stayed active during quarantine

Before our descent into lockdown, my fitness routine wasn’t the best. In fact, I wouldn’t use the word “routine” at all, but rather a sporadic attempt at running across campus at midnight, inevitably ending in a sprained ankle due to a lack of stretching and the complete absence of a warm up. When I moved…

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Lebanon PM announces official resignation of cabinet

Former Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced the official resignation of Lebanon’s cabinet following the Beirut explosion last week. Mr Diab described the political elite as “the real trouble… the real catastrophe in Lebanon”, emphasising blame had been transferred to his government, who had “exerted maximum effort” in their service, for corruption and past mistakes within…


Anti-government protests erupt in Lebanon

Anti-government protests have broken out in Lebanon following an explosion in Beirut port that killed at least 154 people with a further 5,000 injured. Although President Michel Aoun has stated: “the cause of the explosion has not yet been determined”, it is suspected 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate had ignited after being unsafely stored in…

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