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Live Review: Embrace @ The Waterfront

Embrace are a band viewed by many as a remnant of the 90’s scene that emerged in the wake of Britpop titans Oasis, but they actually have far more in common with bands such as Coldplay and The Verve in terms of song-writing and overall sound, if not stage presence. The Coldplay association has always…


Embrace: ‘We really want to be keeping things fresh’

Having had three number one albums in their career to date, you’d think Embrace would be ready to put their feet up; instead, the Yorkshire alt-rock band are working on a seventh studio album set for release in 2017, with many upcoming plans. Taking a break from recording to play a special run of Christmas…

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Hooton Tennis Club: ‘We never stop writing’

Hooton Tennis Club is the name on a lot of lips at the moment within the Americana indie scene, and it doesn’t take more than a cursory spin of either of their albums to see why. Hooks abound and leads into off-kilter guitar parts that keep everything from feeling too polished or formulaic, they consist…


Live Review: Hooton Tennis Club @ The Waterfront Studio

Many-a-band before Hooton Tennis Club have used the technique of bringing a more brash edge to their songs in live performances than on their records. Amps are turned up louder, feedback squeals cross the stage and the performance is as much about watching the band trying to contain the energy as it is the songs….

December 2021
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