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Tearing down statues is the right thing to do

Protests erupted throughout the United States and countries across the world as a result of the senseless killing of unarmed Black man George Floyd...

When They See Us – Netflix Series Review

When it comes to racial equality in America, the only thing that has changed is the calendar. The Netflix series When They...

Millenials are snowflakes

Most freshers this year will have been born in the year 2000: complete and utter millennials. Yet this seemingly harmless, edgy label has often...

After university: work or travel?

Life after university can be a daunting prospect. Grasping that graduate job is something most third-year students worry about. However, many students are increasingly...

Snapchat’s self-sabotage

The new Snapchat update is angering users, including myself. An online petition against the app update has collected over 1.2 million signatures so far,...