Dylan Davies

Creative Writing

We Prayed Again

we prayed again on my living room floor, knees cushioned by a duvet spread sideways, outwards from sleep; you kicked it when you leaned forward, pressed your forehead to my pillow with the same clenched devotion as the ball of a hand against the ball of an eye, rubbing. i thought you were long asleep…

Creative Writing, Venue

the opening.

There is an opening. I can see it with my bare eyes, and yet, despite my swollen, blistered feet, I have come no closer. Step after step – how many steps have I taken? Thousands? Tens of thousands? I cannot remember a time where I was not walking. And still, at the end of the…

Music, Venue

Shocking Sleeves

Fuck World Trade – Leftover Crack Lucy Burrows When thinking of a controversial album cover, one that came to mind, for example, Nirvana’s Nevermind, which features a naked baby in a swimming pool. However, a truly controversial album cover would be Leftover Crack with their album Fuck World Trade which depicts the world trade centre…

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