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Is the world heading in the wrong direction?

International development or global development is a complex worldwide project to improve countries and ergo the lives of their citizens. From safe drinking water, hygienic shelter, literacy, liveable income, elongated life expectancy – ultimately its aim is to make a better world with less suffering. But its ideology and apparatus are critique worthy. It forces, often disparate,…

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Suicide Squad

Marvel and D.C have become frequent entertainment for young audiences (that magical under 30 age group), which can give the false impression that superhero films are new. They are far from it; the first Batman film was 1943.  So, it is hardly a new phenomenon yet, nevertheless, a curious one since, I dare say, the larger…

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Inside No.9

Writing about what is vaguely called ‘a cult classic’ easily rouses suspicion of hipster pretention. Most of the time that would not be incorrect; the term ‘cult classic’ I suspect caught on more because of alliteration than it did out of cultural depth. Certainly, in the case of Inside No.9 to call it a cult…


An Insight into Icelandic Music

I am reminded of the line, I can’t quite recall the character… Basil, I think, in The Picture of Dorian Gray, who never told anyone where he was going, because it was the last refuge of the romantic and mysterious in modern life. An adventure without the risk, or a little secrecy, is no adventure…

July 2021
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