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UEA Live: Booker Prize conversation

I was recently able to attend the UEA live event, ‘The Booker Panel’ which consisted of a virtual conversation between 2018 Booker Prize Foundation scholarship recipient Stephen Buoro, Booker Prize-winning writer Anne Enright, Booker Prize Foundation Literary Director Gaby Wood, and former judge for the Booker Prize and current professor of Creative Writing at UEA…

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The power of literary memes

An integral part of how we interact and communicate on social media nowadays is through the meme format. This isn’t up for debate; in almost the same way that poetry can induce shared sentiment and a sense of community and belonging, memes spark a reaction which situates the recipient in a communal group – in…

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What self care means to me

I’ll begin by saying that the generally accepted associations of the term ‘self-care’ as I have known them are very different from the way I now understand the practice. Conventionally promoted methods of self-care, from bubble baths to retail therapy, are not only incredibly general but are primarily guided by consumerism: a capitalisation of the…

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Tulips in Red

Monday morning. White sky and waves of air and cars with steam rising out of them like winding iced gems. Against one hot red mass of colour. Tulips. Woman in dyed rug paint brush skirt. Grey cold tinny watering can. Wash of cool breeze, soaking the heat. Old grey ripped up plastic bags and water…


The curious rise of Dark Academia

The Dark Academia aesthetic is not a novel one. Despite the recent resurgence of interest surrounding it, it is a trend which has existed on social media for some time. Some digging around the origins of the concept reveals that it initially emerged from a particular branch of literature, the Dark Academia novel, perhaps best…

July 2021
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