Elisha Rose

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Creative Writing


The world around me is blue: blue ground, blue atmosphere, a blue filter wrapped around my eyes. I have just pushed off against a wall, and for a few brief moments, I hang suspended like a star in the sky or like how clouds hang above lightning in the middle of a storm. The rapids…

Creative Writing, Venue


Grass will spring up again, green, dewy, soft; and crystals of ice will begin to melt. Earth revived- moss is spongey on its rock, and lambs arrive, with their white coats of felt. Soon, wasps disturb lunch aside a warm lake. Only ice cream sooths the scorching summer. Butterflies leave nothing in their wake- the…

Creative Writing


I seem to have acquired two homes, at the moment, which is a novel experience to me. There’s home-home and flat-home. Home-home is a full semi-detached house in a worn down town, which has barely two streets’ worth of shops in it. Personally, I have never moved house before, so my stomping grounds have never…