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Maria Fragoso: the modern-day Frida Kahlo

There aren’t many artists who have had the honour of being compared to the icon that was Frida Kahlo. There are even fewer artists who have actually lived up to the accolade. Maria Fragoso has been recently coined the modern-day Frida Kahlo, and is highly deserving of such a compliment.  Fragoso studied at the Yale…


Design stealing: the exploitation of Independent Brands

Most people are aware of the environmental costs of fast fashion, but few are informed of the more subtle exploitation taking place behind the scenes, which regularly affects small businesses all over the world. Large fashion retailers, such as Shein, Zara and New Look, to name a few, are regularly stealing designs from independent brands…


Erotic artists censored by Instagram

Erotic art is nothing new. In fact, archaeologists believe that erotic art dates back as far as 37,000 years ago. That’s right. Even cavemen drew genitals. Take a look further down the line and Renaissance artists celebrate the natural formations of the body, painting nudes in what seems to be every other painting. Why then,…

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Spotlight on Tiffany Alfonseca

Bold, impassioned and honest; these are just a few of the words you could use to describe Tiffany Alfonseca’s artwork. A recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Alfonseca’s explosion into the art world hasn’t gone unnoticed, with recent works being displayed in Alicia Key’s Dean Art Collection and the Pérez Art Museum Miami. …

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The polarising, political art of ‘Enough of Trump’

More than a dozen highly respected artists across America joined forces in an urgent attempt to sway the public vote before the US election day. The Enough of Trump campaign, organised by advocacy group People for the American Way, is displaying works across billboards, at protests and as projections in their attempt to keep Trump…

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