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Ella Gilbert

Leopard-print head, boxer, vegetable habit. WLTM skilled writers w/ GSOH. Ella is the token radical, fond of spouting defamatory remarks about people in positions of power. Now she’s got her own, she’ll likely spend the year struggling to reconcile new-found authority with her love of non-hierarchical decision-making and/or complete her masters in climate science.

Preview: UEA Fight Night

UEA Boxing Club haven’t competed in a Derby Day for several years running, so you might be forgiven for letting them slip under your...

Radical alternatives to the traditional rented student house

So you live in the Golden Triangle, your bathroom is covered in black mould, you can see your breath while you’re lying in bed...

Geldof neo-colonialism

It’s that time of year again, and in the festive spirit of giving, the aging Bob Geldof has rallied together another juvenile band of...

Review: Chicken Shop

Ella Gilbert reviews Chicken Shop, part of Epsilon's summer season at the Park Theatre, London.

Ella Gilbert: why I didn’t shake Edward Acton’s hand

Ella Gilbert explains her reasoning for not shaking the Vice Chancellor's hand at her graduation

The importance of unions

The statistics we repeatedly hear about graduate employment are bleak – Concrete has reported on the disturbingly high levels of joblessness on many occasions....