Ellen Musgrove


Whilst white supremacy exists, racial fluidity cannot

A curious story surfaced recently, when the parents of Rachel Dolezal, an American civil rights activist, revealed their daughter to be a white woman ‘passing’ as black. With racist ideology still embedded in American society, this triggered a national conversation, raising issues which I will aim to address as respectfully as a white, British, cisgender…


It’s ok To Ask For Help

Despite growing awareness about mental health, as a topic it generally remains taboo. Verbalisation of destructive thoughts is avoided; it interferes with the facade of a society in which the modern lifestyle surely equates to contentment. It is viewed as weakness, or melodrama. Mental illness is surely absurd in a well-off society with people starving…


Ferguson: the failure of modern mass media

When Mike Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri this summer it seemed to be just the latest link in a long chain of similar cases. In a so-called ‘post-racial’ society, the shooting of young black men by police officers appears to be a tragic theme strung out across the…


Western complacency in West Africa is costing lives

Last week the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response was launched in Ghana, six months and over 3,000 deaths after the virus emerged in Guinea. It is the first time in history that the UN has formed such a response to a public health emergency, and rightly so, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and…

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