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Good for animals or an abzoolute disgrace?

‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’ is somewhat of a staple in my university household, and I’m sure the same goes for any student residence where the minority who want to fork out for a TV license have succeeded in their goal.  What isn’t there to love? The last episode that I saw featured tiny…


Universities accused of ‘silencing’ students

Up to a third of UK universities have used ‘gagging’ clauses to prevent their students going public with complaints ranging from sexual assault, to poor teaching since 2016, according to research done by BBC.  Students have felt pressured into signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), a move which Universities UK, an organisation which represents 136 higher education…


Every society has value to someone

Concrete has revealed the SU is at risk of going bust “in a few years”. Alicia Perez, one of five full-time student officers at Uea(su) told Concrete while discussing the SU’s future: “there’s definitely not a necessity for us to run 250 societies”.  As someone whose university experience has been shaped by the existence of…


Music poll:

Is chart music in decline?  No – 8 Yes- 2 Is it still relevant?  Yes –  Leia Butler The music charts are such an important part of the music industry. It is how artists can measure success against each other, determined by who sells the most, and in turns tells listeners which music is most…


Government to introduce T-Levels

More than 5,000 post-GCSE qualifications with a low student intake are to lose funding, as the Department for Education readies itself to release new T-level courses in September of this year. This amounts to 40% of the 12,000 post-16 qualifications that are currently available in England. T-level courses are qualifications that can be taken after…

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Has music censorship been effective?

Yes: James Ward Censorship has played a large role in the music industry since parental advisory stickers were added to album covers. I would say that it has been largely successful as it gives parents more choice with what they allow their children to listen to, especially in the US where the scheme has been…

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