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Union Council approves move to make student union a company

At its first meeting of 2015, held on 22nd January, Union Council voted to start the process of turning the Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) into an officially structured legal entity. The process, known as “incorporation”, aims to make UUEAS into an independent legal entity in its own right, as opposed to the present situation…


The Use Of Mental Health Slurs in Colloquial Language

As someone with mental health issues: anxiety, autism and probably a degree of depression, I’m very used to a level of discrimination and stigma around things that are a feature of my life. Autistic people are stereotyped as having ‘no empathy’, or as being weird, obsessive or hyper-intelligent. Anxious people are told to stop getting…


University undergraduate recruitment falls in 2014-15

Recruitment of undergraduate students at UEA was lower in 2014-15 than in the previous academic year, university statistics have revealed. The university says it had planned for this eventuality, and that the shortfall has not adversely affected its finances. Figures produced annually by the Planning Office show how many students are registered as attending UEA….


Campaigners construct oil rig outside Registry

Student campaigners presented UEA management with a giant oil rig as “a Christmas present” on Monday 8th December, after the university’s finance group rejected proposals to end UEA’s £135,000 investment in fossil fuels. The stunt is the latest in a series of protests and actions that are part of the Fossil Free campaign, which calls…


UEA students show support for Warwick protesters

On Tuesday 9th March, a crowd of approximately 30 UEA students marched through campus to express their solidarity with Warwick students in the wake of a incident that saw police use tasers and tear gas used on student protesters at Warwick University. The marchers held up signs that read “solidarity with Warwick” and chanted slogans expressing anger…


UEA students join day of action for free education

Students at UEA joined a march and “debt in” on campus last week, as part of a national day of action to push for the abolition of tuition fees. Carrying red boxes to symbolise the weight of student debt, protesters marched through campus shouting chants that called for free education and an accessible education system….


On-campus Ukip event postponed

An event that would have been delivered by the UK Independence Party’s local parliamentary candidate was postponed at the last minute earlier today, after the Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) ruled that the procedure for booking external speakers had not been followed. The event, organised by the PSI Society, was initially advertised only to PSI Society members…

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