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Comment: ‘We should decolonise the curriculum’

A decolonised syllabus incorporates more expressions of thought from people of black and minority ethnicities. This should especially be implemented in the humanities and social sciences. The curriculum needs decolonisation, as we live in 21st century multicultural Britain and not in the 18th century British Empire – unless for some reason you feel like going…

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10 great spy films

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Originally derided, OHMSS has been steadily reappraised down the years and is now (rightly) considered one of the best Bond films. With Diana Rigg stealing the show, an amazing alpine location and the most emotional conclusion to a 007 adventure, it was ahead of its time and blew us away….

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Misheard Lyrics

Powerful and memorable in the best of times, often painfully misheard in the worst of times. Here are some hilarious and rare cock ups I’ve compiled, so you’ll no longer be the laughing stock of your karaoke club. Eric Carmen’s ‘All By Myself’: “Don’t want to be Obama’s elf ” Obvious from the title, some…