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Anti-mask protesters seen demonstrating in Norwich city centre

A group of protesters gathered in the Haymarket area of Norwich thursday the 24th of September, demonstrating against the compulsory wearing of masks. Approximately 60 people formed a large group carrying signs with slogans such as “Freedom over Fear” and displaying statistics comparing weekly deaths from other causes to those from Covid-19. There was also…


The environmental impact of live music

Without question, the live music industry is facing a time of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty due to Covid-19. However, even before the pandemic took hold, there were issues within the sector, notably its role within the global climate crisis. Recent research suggests the live music industry releases approximately 405,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year,…



In the last six weeks, five Ugandan gorillas have been born at Bwindi Park. This species of mountain gorilla is endangered with just above 1,000 currently alive. Only three gorillas were born here last year, making this increase unprecedented. The reason for this sudden boom is still unknown, with all babies being born to different…

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