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Overdraft make-up tips

I’m going to start at the ‘end of term’ end of this spectrum as I am definitely feeling the strain on that trusty overdraft. First things first, minimal equals cheap. Summer is all about subtle ‘I’m really wearing make-up but you can’t tell, I’m just naturally glowing’ so double up some of your products. Concealer…

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Why everyone should love socks and sandals

So Vogue seems to be pressing the mule as the shoe of the summer for another year. Two of their six ‘shoes of 2016’ were the mule slide and mule pump. I’m really not getting on board with the trend as it feels like a clunky, outdated mix between a platform, wedge, sandal and pump….

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Double denim everyday

Denim isn’t exactly a new trend but the new found appreciation for double denim around campus is something worth writing about. Blue denim jeans are pretty much the only way I’ve dragged myself out of all black for the summer. My denim eagle eye has been surveying you all and there have been a lot…

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Looking Good & Feeling Good

Is putting on good workout clothes seriously going to make you exercise better? Probably. It is seems unlikely that the outfits we choose ourselves every morning and before every single event aren’t going to have an effect on our frame of mind. We get up every morning and pick something out for that day, (or…


Review: Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper – Panda Bear

The 12th of January was the much anticipated release date of Animal Collective’s front man, Noah Lennox’, fifth album. The ominously titled Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper has already incited some Abbey Road/Paul-McCartney-is-dead style theories as to whether this could be the end of Panda Bears solo career. Lennox stated the eponymous album “marked…

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