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Controversial TV – ‘Is This Rape?’

BBC Three’s ‘Is this rape? Sex on Trial’ documentary received mixed responses in the press last week after a group of teenagers tackled the...

Creative Writing – 3rd November

It’s hard to ignore the extraordinary displays of colour in autumn that confront us throughout October and November. On the worst of the grey...

To vote or not to vote?

Concrete takes a look at the arguments on both sides of the debate on whether it is worth voting. Yes - Emily Fedorowycz Over the past...

Glitz, glamour and gender equality

Ever entertaining, this year’s Oscars of course didn’t fail to please fans, but one winner in particular caused a bit of controversy with her...

Modafinil – effective or not?

Ever heard of smart drugs? What about Modafinil? Well according to a survey of almost 2000 students from UK universities, it seems 1 in...

Creative Writing: If only we were stick men

The day before is full of ambition, magazine cut outs and aspirations. Legs tangled we trip over each other and you hurt your back, I kneel in the wrong...