Emily Fedorowycz


To vote or not to vote?

Concrete takes a look at the arguments on both sides of the debate on whether it is worth voting. Yes – Emily Fedorowycz Over the past few years, the lines between the political parties have become increasingly blurred, and for some this has been a source of discouragement when it comes to poll time. But…


Glitz, glamour and gender equality

Ever entertaining, this year’s Oscars of course didn’t fail to please fans, but one winner in particular caused a bit of controversy with her award acceptance speech. Patricia Arquette, who won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Boyhood, outright called for equal pay for women in America, continuing backstage: “It’s time for all the…


Modafinil – effective or not?

Ever heard of smart drugs? What about Modafinil? Well according to a survey of almost 2000 students from UK universities, it seems 1 in 5 of us have tried it. The smart drug of smart drugs Modafinil (street name “daffy”) is part of a group of drugs called eugeroics that promote wakefulness and attentiveness. Usually…

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