Emily Hawkins


Historic abortion poll in Ireland

In less than a month’s time, voters in the Republic of Ireland will vote in a historic referendum on the future of the country’s stance on reproductive rights. On 25 May, Irish citizens will decide whether or not to repeal part of their constitution, the Eighth Amendment, which outlaws abortion, even in cases of rape…

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“What happens on tour, stays on tour…”

Whilst on tour, a sports club allegedly issued a list of rules to new members. These included instructions to lick the floor, finish a drink even if something was dropped in it, and complete any challenges. Sport clubs participated in an annual tour trip, this year in Croatia. Appearing to be from the UEA Netball…



‘Superstructures: The New Architecture 1960-90’ promises to “shine a light” on the architectural developments seen at the cusp of the twentieth century, and link these designs to their Victorian predecessors. Utilitarianism is at the crux of the works on display; blueprints and paintings of factories and offices feature heavily. Other mediums, such as models and…

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