Emily Latimer


Decolonising the curriculum isn’t extreme

A report on ethnicity challenges in university by the Office for Students published this month has questioned the ways we ‘draw on ‘non-western’ and non-white forms of knowledge in our teaching’. It asks, ‘in what ways can we revise our curricula to ensure we offer ‘decolonised’ approaches to our teaching and assessments?’ Finally it addresses…

Sex Survey 2019

Demystifying dental dam

‘With a dental dam you can pretty much lick anything’ So if like me you’d never heard of a dental dam, you may be wondering what on Earth they are and who in their right mind uses them. Well those who are familiar will know that a dental dam is a square piece of stretchy…


Degrees vs apprenticeships

When headlines are constantly suggesting that universities are dishing out first class degrees like no there’s no tomorrow, how much does a grade really reflect our employability skills? After ten years in education, three more years of academic studying whilst racking up to £50,000 worth of debt, university may not seem like the most appealing…