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Review: Paper Towns

The trouble with treasure hunts is that, all too often, the search is far more rewarding than the prize at the end. The thrill of fulfilment is frequently misleading and when that prize happens to be a human being, how can one person possibly be expected to hold the weight of someone’s expectations entirely on…

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Review: Inside Out

Pixar has understood emotions since the very beginning. From Toy Story and beyond, the studio’s characteristically bitter-sweet sensibility has inspired audiences to laugh, cry, imagine and reflect, but with its 15th feature, Pixar’s emotional process has become significantly more literal. Inside Out is a mirror for Pixar’s creative practice and how it fosters emotion and…

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Trombones and Opening Credits

From the elaborate to the simplistic, from the Game of Thrones’ orchestral number to the guitar twangs and bongo drumming of Breaking Bad, television theme songs take on a host of different forms and invoke a kaleidoscope of emotions amongst audiences. A forgettable theme can often harm a show’s ability to retain cultural relevance, but…


Review: Wild

Director: Jean-Marc Valee Writer: Nick Hornby Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Gaby Hoffman Runtime: 115mins Genre: Biography/Drama “What the fuck have I done?” So begins Wild, and the start of a grueling and cathartic thousand-mile hike down the Pacific Crest Trail for a woman desperate to rediscover the right path. The acclaimed memoir of Cheryl…

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The Happy and the Sad of Christmas Movies

It’s time for the obligatory Christmas film list. Four writers share what makes them cry, for better or worse.   The A-Team (2010) I’m not going to argue that The A-Team, based on the 80s TV show, is a deep film. It’s not. The plot is crazy, adrenaline is on full flow and the finale…

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