Erica Thajeb

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Is there life on Mars?

With the recent launch of Perseverance, NASA’s most complex and sophisticated rover yet, scientists are looking forward to discovering evidence holding the secret to learning about life on Mars. It is already known that the Red Planet was, at some point in time, habitable, but this mission hopes to gather samples that could finally reveal…


Meet these influential Black travelers

As the months go by and we’re still in a limbo waiting for the world to be safe enough for us to resume our normal lives, let’s look at two of the most inspiring Black travelers in the industry. They may not be the most popular or well-known, but rest assured, their adventures have had…


The benefits of coral farming

It may be surprising to learn that coral, the colourful rock-like wonders you find on sea floors, is actually an animal. Corals are sessile and remain permanently immobile, which is why they are often mistaken for a plant. A coral “group” consists of hundreds or thousands of genetically identical, yet individual animals called polyps. Each…

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