Erica Thajeb

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Beneath Silence

Silence is the cruelest weapon  You teach her to swallow back tears  Master the art of snide and contempt  Fight fire with fire, burn for burn.  Tell me, how long will it take to unlearn  All the hate she festers within, all the hurt?  With luck, she’ll dance atop broken glass  Scald the coffin; bury…


Rising temperatures could make Earth uninhabitable

With climate change comes a series of unfortunate consequences, and rising temperatures are at the top of the list. This phenomenon is particularly dangerous for areas near the equator as the rapidly increasing heat threatens to make these regions literally uninhabitable. The latest research has announced that rising temperatures and humidity are pushing tropical areas…


74 and unstoppable: Rosie Swale-Pope

In five years, she ran around the world five times, entirely unsupported. She rode across Chile on horseback, sailed solo on a trans-Atlantic voyage, and ran 27 marathons in 27 days. Her name is Rosie Swale-Pope, a British author and adventurer who has become nothing short of a legend among runners and travelers across the…


Celebrating Christmas around the world

Here in the UK, we have roast dinners and mince pies, boxing days and nativity plays. Festive lights illuminate the streets. Gifts are exchanged. Christmas crackers are pulled. Overall, December is a joyous time of the year, but different countries celebrate differently. Let’s look at some unique Christmas traditions from across the globe! The Giant…


Why does Tu Youyou inspire me?

Tu Youyou will not only be remembered by history as the first Chinese woman to have been awarded the Nobel prize, but also for her discovery of artemisinin, a malaria-fighting drug that has prevented the death of millions. Her success was not an easy feat, but it has inspired many scientists and put the significance…

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April 2021
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