Erica Thejab


Best and worst airline food

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to meal times during flights. Not only does it pass the time, but I am always excited to receive the little trays and finding out what is in each of the compartments. If you’re like me, airline food can really determine the whole flight experience, so…


Lunar New Year across Asia

As an Indonesian of Chinese descent, Lunar New Year is a celebrated holiday close to my heart. Red pockets, lots of cakes, traditional meals, family gatherings and paying respect to deceased family members are among several of the many things we do during this festive occasion. Lunar New Year itself simply refers to the beginning…


Bizarre food around the world

Trying local specialties is one of the exciting aspects of travel, but sometimes what the locals consider as food isn’t something we would normally assume is edible. It may sound bizarre to the rest of the world, but some of these strange cuisines are favourites among the local tongue. When we talk about bizarre food,…


Are cruises worth it?

We used to regard going on cruises as a luxury of the wealthy. However, as it becomes more and more popular, the price for cruises become cheaper and affordable to more. Here’s the big question when it comes to cruises: is it the same as travelling? There isn’t one correct way to define travelling, but…


A guide for travelling with a suitcase

Have you ever found yourself with an empty bag five hours before your plane leaves? Or had trouble zipping up your overflowing suitcase? If you’re anything like me, chances are, you have. Over the years I’ve learned a handful of tips for travelling with a suitcase: from the obvious to the more unusual, I’ve got you covered….

July 2021
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