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Elbow Giants of all Sizes Review

Elbow are perhaps an unusual choice for an album spotlight in Concrete Music. Rightly or wrongly, they’re not really seen as a young person’s band. On the contrary they seem to have built up a reputation of being something of a ‘dad rock’ band, which I suppose is somewhat understandable given that many of their…


Doctor Who New Year Special

Christmas is all about tradition. But if sitting down to watch the Doctor Who special has become part of your Christmas Day routine, you might be slightly disappointed this year. After thirteen consecutive Christmases, the Doctor Who special is moving to a New Year’s Day slot. This year, if you want to watch a long-running…


Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 3 ‘Rosa’

  Spoilers ahead… In my first review, I expressed my hope that the new series of Doctor Who might succeed in finding the show a wider audience. The first two episodes of the new series have apparently been doing well in the ratings but it’s perhaps not the best idea to get too hung up…

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