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Norfolk leading in dementia research

UEA researcher Professor Michael Hornberger and telecommunication company Deutsche Telekom have been working on the development of new diagnostic tests for dementia. This research has involved the development of a mobile game designed to develop understanding of how the brain works and an app which provides insights into the way people navigate every day. Home…


Cheerleading: two, four, six, eight, males should participate!

Researchers at UEA have suggested that more men taking up cheerleading may lead to improvements in attitudes towards gender relations. Traditionally a female dominated activity, a UEA study suggests that more males being encouraged to join cheerleading teams may help to challenge ideas about gender roles. Two academics, from UEA’s school of Education and Lifelong…

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Sexual harassment at university going unreported

The NUS has claimed that 20% of students experience sexual harassment during their first week at university. Further, 66% of students don’t know how to report it. UUEAS has declined to indicate whether it could have done more to raise awareness of sexual harassment after only a handful of students at UEA reported sexual harasment…