Florence Lacey

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Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones is back. She’s better, slimmer, richer and slightly less facially expressive. However, this new, independent Jones cannot escape her bumbling, endearing self– of course, we wouldn’t want her to. Bumps will soon emerge along a road that seems all too smooth. The third in the franchise, Bridget Jones’s Baby holds high expectations. Good,…

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Review – Youth

Sorrentino’s Youth is bizarre and disconcerting from start to finish. Two elderly men, Fred Ballinger (Michael Caine), a retired composer, and Mick Boyle (Harvey Keitel), a screenwriter and director, are holidaying at a luxurious Swiss health resort, a stunning backdrop for a film that is permeated by grief, regret, and wit in equal measure. Jimmy,…


Sexy or Scary?

As Mean Girls famously put it, ‘in Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total sl*t’. But what is it about this day which evokes the desire to dress seductively? Traditionally, Halloween is a festival celebrated to ward off death and in doing so, pay…