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Self-isolation playlist: A beginner’s guide

The first thing to remember when creating a self-isolation playlist is that unless you are going to be on your own for the whole 12 weeks, you will want an eclectic mix of songs so that you don’t disgruntle your fellow housemates. This playlist is a starting point for those wanting to customise their listening…

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Venue’s albums of the decade

In a decade like no other, the past 10 years have provided us with some mind-bending, heart-rendering albums that have challenged and changed music for the better. Venue contributors tell us their favourite albums of the decade and why. Currents by Tame Impala  My Album of the Decade is ‘Currents’ by the mighty Tame Impala….


Casual Gamers

The recent downpour of rain has meant that more people want to stay inside, but what do you do for hours on your own? If you were a ‘Hardcore’ gamer you may decide that this week is the best opportunity to level up your Elder scrolls online character (that’s ESO for all you pro gamers!)….

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‘OITNB says Goodbye’

The final season of the prison drama Orange is the New Black (OITNB) was released on the 26th of July. Each season beforehand had a powerful political message, but this final season really hit home for the American audience (and some Brits too). The joyful parts of the season were the reunion between ‘Taystee’ and…


The revival of 90s fashion

We have had the 70s flares come back into fashion, along with the 80s vibrancy and now we are seeing the 90s appearing in our daily lives. Recently there has been an increase in shops and shoppers buying 90s style clothing. Shopping spaces are now the site of a low budget Spice Girls tribute, whether…

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